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What is Home Healthcare?
Home healthcare is healthcare delivered in a client’s home. Care provided in the client’s home may have the goal of recovery or maintenance. While the care is ordered by physicians, it is managed by Nurse Case Managers.

“In general, the goal of home health care is to provide treatment for an illness or injury. It helps you get better, regain your independence, and become as self-sufficient as possible. If you have long-term health problems, the goal of home health care is to maintain your highest level of ability or health, and help you learn to live with your illness or disability.” —Medicare and Home Health Care booklet, www.Medicare.gov.

“Home health services include the services that are provided to the member in his place of residence as ordered by his or her physician as part of a written plan of care. HH Services may be offered for the following reasons: (1)Care and Treatment of an acute or chronic condition (2)Rehabilitation (3)Coordination of Community services (4) To avoid prolonged or repeated hospitalizations and/or higher and more costly levels of care.” —Indiana Medicaid, www.IndianaMedicaid.com.

“Home care provides people with health care and health-related services in their own homes. As a result, many people of all ages can lead healthier, happier, more independent lives.”

10 reasons why home care becomes more popular every day:

  1. Patients can come home from the hospital sooner.
  2. Patients can sometimes avoid having to go to the hospital or a nursing home.
  3. Patients are more comfortable at home.
  4. Patients can enjoy the support of family and friends.
  5. Families can stay together during trying times.
  6. Morale is better at home.
  7. Recoveries are often faster at home.
  8. Patients and family members can be more involved with treatment.
  9. Patients can enjoy a higher level of personal independence.
  10. Home health care costs significantly less than many other forms of care.
    —Indiana Association of Home and Hospice Care, www.iahhc.org.
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